The results of the pre-selection are online !

concours de piano Antoine de Saint-Exupéry : Candidates 2019The Artistic committee of the Concours international de piano Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in Saint-Priest is pleased to announce the results of the Preselection of the 2nd edition of the 2019 competition.

We really want to express our sincere congratulations to each candidate. The level of the applications is extremely high for a 2nd edition.
Here is the list of the 25 selected candidates, out of the 75 participants coming from 29 countries.

AVAGYAN Levon  28 Armenia
BORROW Tom 18   Israel
BURLA Alice 22 Canada
CARDELLI Matteo 26 Italy
GADJIEV Alexander 24   Italy/Slovenia
KAMISARAU Raman 22 Belarus
KHACHIKYAN Konstantin 23  Russia
KIPIANI Ana 24   Georgia
KOZIN Ruben 21  Russia
KRUPINSKI Lucas 26  Poland
LI Dawen 28  China
LI Huan 21  China
LOZINSKIS Robertas 27 Lituania
LUKINOV Nikita 20 Russia
MALIGNAN Dimitri 20 France
MASLOV Victor 21 Russia
MILNER Alona 20  Israel
PETRILIN Alon 24   Israel
SAIENKO Danylo 27  Ukraine
SALIMDJANOVA Tamila 27  Uzbekistan
STAUB Simon 18 Germany
STERN Gabriel 26 France
WIERCINSKI Andrzej 23  Poland
YE Adria 21  USA
ZHOU Tianyu 25  Canada

The Artistic Committee has also decided to select 5 candidates on a waiting list, due to the very high level of the participants. In case of withdrawal, the first candidate on the waiting list will be contacted by email and so on.

Waiting list :
1.POSPELOVA Margerita 28 Russia
2.GIACOMELLI Nicolas 20 Italy
3.IOZZELLI Beniamino 21 Italy
4.HSIEH Wei-Ting 22  Taiwan
5.PINHAL Bernardo 28  Portugal