Concours International de Piano Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Competition 2017 : Testimonials

testimonial ARSENIARSENII MUN, 1st Prize 2017

« The Concours international de piano Antoine de Saint-Exupéry has allowed me to make many contacts with people from different backgrounds, all very interesting. I will also have the opportunity to give concerts in France and Switzerland. The experience of meeting people from the Music industry has been as well very important to me. »

Testimonial Aristo

ARISTO SHAM, 2nd Prize 2017

« In addition to the Prize I received, the competition was a very pleasant experience to me: I met some very talented and friendly young pianists. The jury members were particularly open minded and ready to help. I also have met many people during those three days and it has been very precious to me and remain unforgettable, as much as the competition itself. »

Testimonial Mitrea

FLORIAN MITREA, 3rd Prize & Audience Prize 2017

« Every competition is an important experience, and an apprenticeship. One of the characteristics of the Concours international Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is not only having the opportunity to perform but having the chance of exchanging and meet musicians (pianists, professors, conductor) and people from the Music industry (Agents, producers). Everyone has really been attentive and very precise in his advice, which is extremely constructive. Besides the technical and musical comments, I learned a lot about programs, stage presence and career development. These kind of advices is rare. »