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Saint-Priest is the fifth largest city in the Rhône in terms of population (44,000 inhabitants) and the second largest in terms of area (3,000 hectares).

The advantages of the city

It is easily accessible by car and public transport. The tramway (line T2) crosses it from one side to the other and connects it to the center of Lyon in 40 minutes.

Saint-Priest is a rapidly developing city. With its rich natural heritage, it has a good compromise between urban and rural life.

Being very sensitive to environmental issues, it has also promoted the development on its territory of a new “sustainable development” housing area (Les Hauts de Feuilly), described by the press as “the only ecological development in France”. In 2006, the city won a 3rd flower at the regional competition “Flowering, Landscapes and Sustainable Development”.

As for economic activity, it now culminates in the “Technological Park”, a new concept area of activity developed by Greater Lyon, which combines ecological development and high-tech enterprises. Prestigious companies are now installed in this park (Mérial, Schneider, SFR …)

It has many cultural and sports facilities: a cinema (two rooms), a theater, a media library, a Music & Theater Conservatoire, a cyberbase, 12 gymnasiums and stadiums, two swimming pools, tennis courts, an equestrian club, a bowling alley, an outdoor climbing wall …

It is also a pleasant city to live: It is home to three important markets, a recreation area (the Fort’s park: about 15 hectares of woodland and about 20 hectares of natural grassland), numerous squares, several shopping centres and more than 300 associations!

In summary, Saint-Priest is perfectly equipped and endowed with a rich cultural, social and sporting life, while remaining within reach of the city centre of Lyon.

How to get to Saint-Priest: