Concours International de Piano Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Roman KOSYAKOV – 4th prize 2017

Roman KOSYAKOV – Age 24, Russia Roman Kosyakov - 4th price 2017 - Saint-Priest international piano competition

Roman Kosyakov, from a musical family started the piano at an early age and made his debut with orchestra at the age of 12 with Mozart A Major Concerto N 23. In 2012, he graduated from the Central Music School in Moscow and then in 2017 from the Moscow conservatory where he studied with F.I. Nurizade and later on with V. Ovchinikov. Since September 2017, he studies at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire on a full scholarship with P. Nemirovski.

He is a laureate and a winner of many nationals and international competitions, among them “Young Talents of Russia” (Russia, Moscow 2006), the 1st International competition “Sforzando” (1st Prize, Berlin, 2007), the International Alexander Scriabin Piano Competition (1st Prize, France, Paris 2011), the 8th Open Competition of Musicians Performers N. Sabitov (1st Prize, Russia, Ufa, 2012), the International Piano Competition “Minsk-2014” (2nd Prize, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, 2014), the 4th International Piano Competition “ Russian season in Ekaterinburg “ (1st Prize, Russia, Ekaterinburg, 2015), the 4th International Piano Competition “Vera Lotar-Shevchenko” (2nd Prize, Russia, Ekaterinburg, 2016). Roman just won the 4th Prize of the Saint-Priest International Piano Competition (2017, France).

He already gave numerous concerts in France, Italy, Germany, Republic of Belarus, Russia… And has been guest soloist (2014-2017) of the Kemerovsky State Symphony Orchestra.

Roman is a Laureate of the Foundation V. Spivakov.